Post-match comments after the draw in Leverkuzen

About the match against Bayer: We are glad with the result, but not play. We allowed Bayer to create a lot of chances at the gate. I think if we played the whole game as we could – put pressure and attacked – we would expect much more. But any mistake can be fatal in the Champions League. Away games are different from home. In the second half we didn’t risk so much and we played more in defense though we had moments to catch Bayer on the counter attacks. In general, the draw is not a bad result, especially with this team.

About CSKA goals:  I want to note Alexey Ionov – his pass was really good. I needed only to keep the ball and score. The goal was necessary – we lost 2:0 and allowed to create many moments at the gate, but the second goal was especially important for us.

About Group E rivals: The group is equal. As Bernd Leno has told, every team can become both the first, and the fourth. There are no easy teams in the Champions League.

About football in Germany: Stadiums in Germany are always full and our match against Bayer was not an exception. I liked the atmosphere of this game. Full stadium is a great advantage for football even if fans don’t support your team. You really want to play and enjoy these moments. I hope that new CSKA stadium will be also filled. When you think about football in Germany first of all you think about Bayern Munich. It’s interesting to look how they play. This is top club and we felt it on ourselves in the Champions League 2014. I’ve already talked that there are two teams it’s almost impossible to play with. These are Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Bundesliga is one of the top football leagues and it justifies the name.

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