I’m glad we defeated Sparta

Alan Dzagoev’s goal proved crucial in CSKA Moscow’s 5-4 aggregate victory over Sparta Prague. After the match in Prague CSKA midfielder shared his opinion about the game.

What were your thoughts when the score was 2:0? Can you explain what happened with the team at the beginning of the match?

At first the game was not good for us. But we definitely believed in successful result even when the score was 2:0. When we scored the first goal, we gradually moved the game in the right direction, and then it became easier. It’s possible to say that we started to control the game. But actually after our second goal there was one more short period of time when opponents were playing dangerously near our penalty area.

At this very moment you scored the third goal which became decisive. It was really great!

Yes, it turned out very good indeed. The balls we played today were a little bit unusual – sometimes it was impossible to predict its path. But in that moment I managed to do it the way I wanted.

CSKA has one step left to the Champions League. Do you understand that it’s going to be more difficult at the play-off?

Sparta was also very serious opponent. It showed its best qualities in these 2 matches. This club became much stronger since we played in the Europa League group stage in 2010. I’m glad we defeated Sparta. It wasn’t easy to do indeed.